Macbeth: Child Actor


When: June 16th @5pm

Where: Sloan Studio (Todd 107) in the Todd Union Building;  University of Rochester River Campus.

To schedule an audition, please contact us at


CALL for child actors:

WallByrd Theatre Co. is holding an audition for child actors to play key roles in its production of William Shakespeare’s Macbeth July 14-30 at the Lyric Theatre. Director Virginia Monte invites young actors to audition Friday, June 16, from 5 to 7 p.m. at the Sloan Studio (Todd 107) in the Todd Union building on the University of Rochester River Campus.

Parents are encouraged to attend auditions to meet key staff and cast members.  We will be answering any questions you have. While we consider our young performers full cast members, we recognize that they are children and will not be called when not needed, will be supervised and we do not hold them after 11 pm. This show contains adult content in the vain of PG-13. More information will be provided at the audition.

Auditions will be informal and actors need not prepare to recite a work. If they have a showcase monologue or song they are welcome to perform it, but it is not required. Previous experience is also not required, but would be helpful. 


FLEANCE [Female, child-teen] Banquo's son.

the "heir" to the crown Macbeth has usurped. While this role is written for a boy, we will be seeking a girl, ages 8 to 13, to play Fleance as a girl. This role includes dialog and some minimal combat. Rehearsals for this role will begin shortly after auditions.

MACDUFF'S CHILDREN - [Male or Female, Child]

These roles should be played by children who appear to be between the ages of 5 and 8. Boys and girls will be considered. One role is a speaking role and all will have minimal combat sequences.

Roles may be double-cast to avoid having children perform every night. 

Rehearsals will begin on or shortly after July 1 at the Lyric Theater. 



WallByrd Theatre Co. has openings for performers and technicians in the Rochester and surrounding areas for our summer production of William Shakespeare's Macbeth.   This production is scheduled to be presented at the Lyric Theatre, the month of July 2017.  

This will be a non-equity production.

Directed by Virginia Monte.  Stage Combat Direction by Alec Barbour. Choreography by Anne Wilcox.

About this production-

Fueled by ambition and prophecy, Macbeth and his wife soon succumb to visions of power as they embark on a murderous plot to secure the crown.  But wicked means create wicked ends, and soon the pair become entangled in the gruesome horrors of their own making.

Concept and Development-

This summer, WallByrd looks to ramp up the base on this traditionally dark play with a post-apocalyptic vibe, built from the ground up.  This world-building project will reunite the entire creative team behind last year's award winning Romeo and Juliet as they bring new grit and drive to this brutal tale.  This "Mad Max" mashup will feature extensive and imaginative combat sequences, haunting effects, and a dark, adrenaline filled soundscape throughout.  

Parental discretion is advised.